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First Class Personal Training

Samantha Williams, Director and Lead Trainer, and mum of two, is the genuine article! A level 3 Master Trainer (Fitness Aust), she and her team of highly experienced trainers provide the women and their families, in the Eumundi community with a winning combination of personal, high quality, original, flexible, child friendly, affordable and ultimately enjoyable range of fitness classes, programs, coaching and more. Sam is passionate about supporting the families of Eumundi and surrounding community with the best fitness and health benefits they truly deserve!


With years of success and experience, Sam is a specialist at helping women, just like you, reach your goals and be the best version of you!  Whether you're after group fitness, team challenges or a more personal program we have it all.   Most plans include healthy eating and exercise, to ensure the best results for our team. We will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. 


We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult.  Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes apart of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that with new healthy habits, great optimal nutrition, a great plan and a supportive team, you can achieve anything!


Our Incredible Members....

"Eumundi Fitness is awesome!"



"Before I started the EF 30 Day Body Blitz 2018, I was feeling, so fatigued, not seeing any results in training, I had plateaued and I had lost my motivation.

I started the EF 30 Day Body Blitz with the goal to increase lean my lean muscle, lose body fat, and reduce body overall body measurements.

Since completing the EF 30 Day Body Blitz program I have

increased my lean muscle by 2%, I’ve lost 11% body fat, and dropped visceral fat!

I now feel more energised, I’ve learnt how my body responds to healthier nutrition, and I feel so much stronger and fitter!

I would highly recommend Eumundi Fitness programs because they have given me a new life, higher self esteem, and sound knowledge of my health and fitness."

***** Rating

Donna, Mum of 3, Eumundi

"Amazing trainers, awesome variety of classes and great tribe of caring genuine people. "



Before I started the EF 30 Day Body Blitz I was feeling so lethargic, bloated and I was lacking energy in the afternoon. I started the EF 30 Day Body Blitz with the goal was to lose 2 kg and lose 5% body fat plus gain some energy. Since completing the EF 30 Day Body Blitz program I have lost 4 kg 7% body fat and improved my energy all day! I now feel happier, I feel stronger, fitter and leaner!

I would highly recommend Eumundi Fitness programs because they have given me the knowledge and confidence to continue after the challenges finish. This is a lifestyle change that can only enhance your life and health for good!"

***** Rating

Mel, Business Owner, Mum of 3, Eumundi

"I couldn't be happier with Eumundi Fitness!"


Lost 38 kilos!

Sam and her team at eumundi fitness have to be the most motivating and caring trainers, i love how they push you to be the best that you can be. Taking my kids can be a struggle sometimes but they give you so much help and support and having nadine there to help with the children makes working out so much easier. I couldnt be happier with eumundi fitness.

Alex, Mum of three, Eumundi

"Eumundi Fitness has everything I need and more!"


Lost 13.4kilos, over 10% body fat, and dropped 4 levels in Visceral Fat!

"I joined Eumundi Fitness in early 2017.  Concerned about my weight and fitness levels and being an older mum, motivated me initially.  As well as a diagnosis of Lymphodema in both legs during 2000, this meant that forever I should look after my health, both mind and body. 

Initially, I was afraid that I was way out of shape to keep up with the rest of the group. Sam very quickly put me at ease, and encouraged me to do my best at my own pace.

Sam has an incredible ability to use her vast knowledge and expertise to modify her classes to accommodate all levels of fitness. Most importantly, she establishes an environment in which all participants feel safe, encouraged, and motivated!

EF is more than just fitness group, it has great class options, offers fun challenges and provides access to nutritional programs and physiotherapists.

EF is now part of my life, it’s my tribe and I’ve made some great friends. Above all, I have achieved great results that I’m fiercely motivated to improve on.  I’m now excited to turn 50 in 2019."

Libby, business owner, mum of 2, Kenilworth


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